Selling your house yourself without an estate agent

Want to sell your house without an estate agent? A very good choice! After all, selling your home through an estate agent can be quite pricey. You sometimes pay thousands of euros in estate agent's commission (agency fee) because your house happens to be more beautiful, more spacious or more luxurious. Not to mention the start-up costs. All in all, you often spend a lot of money on an estate agent, but in our opinion, this is not necessary at all!

Globelander offers a cost-effective way to sell your home without an estate agent. Read how exactly it works on this page.

Why sell house yourself without an estate agent?

Even if you are not a real estate agent, you can sell your own house yourself. In fact, this used to be quite normal. For the past 50 years, we often handed over the entire sale of a property to a real estate agent. This resulted in significant commission fees. In doing so, you entrusted your property, often your most precious possession, to someone who was often not fully familiar with the characteristics of your house and its surroundings. This while you, the owner, had much more information about the property.

Selling a house without an estate agent means you are in control. You determine the selling price, contact potential buyers and conduct the viewings yourself. You can even do the negotiations yourself after reading our tips. It may seem like a lot of work, but you keep full control of the sale all by yourself. Buyers also appreciate the flexibility in scheduling viewings. Moreover, you will save thousands of euros in estate agent fees, which you could obviously put to good use for your new home.

Advantages of selling a house without an estate agent

Selling a house without an estate agent has several advantages:

Saving thousands of euros in costs

Selling your home without an estate agent will save you thousands of euros in estate agency fees. No more start-up costs and estate agent commission!

Full control over sales

You have full control over the sale of your property. You can quickly negotiate and make decisions without a middleman.


You decide when a viewer comes and how much time you give these potential buyers. It is greatly appreciated by potential buyers that they can view the property in peace at weekends or outside office hours. So you no longer have to be turned away from your own home by an estate agent!

Set the price yourself

Determine the selling price of your property all by yourself. Do you receive an offer from a potential buyer? Then you decide whether to accept it or not.

Adding value

Potential buyers enjoy getting in touch with owners. They are curious about who has lived in the house and often have personal questions that only owners know the answers to.

Globelander: the platform for global sales

Globelander was created by listening to personal stories of homeowners who were keen to sell their home, business or piece of land. You may have experienced it yourself: the estate agent who was going to sell your house often did not know all the information about the property. As a result, potential sellers sometimes don't get all the necessary information or the well-known "unfortunately I don't know this" as an answer. It also often happens that people have to wait for days or weeks to schedule a viewing at times that suit 3 parties (owner, estate agent and potential client).

Selling a house without a real estate agent on Globelander works differently. After registering on Globelander, you will receive valuable tips to add value to your property, experience great encounters and be able to sell/transfer your home in an enjoyable way.

How does selling a house yourself work?

1. Read all the important documents and watch the videos on You will find all the information on Globelander so you can sell your property easily without an estate agent

2. Place your object on Globelander. Gather all the details about your property and post it on Globelander. After approval, the property will appear on the website.

3. Schedule viewings. Schedule viewings with potential buyers at your convenience.

4. Negotiation. If you are going to sell your house without an estate agent, you are also going to negotiate the selling price yourself.

5. Purchase agreement. Have you reached an agreement? Then you, a notary or lawyer will draw up a purchase agreement. After approval from both parties and settlements, the property is sold!

6. Sold! Congratulations! You have sold your house yourself!

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On Globelander, you will find all the information you need to sell your house yourself without an estate agent. Think of tips on how to determine the right asking price or how to style your house yourself. But of course, you don't have to do it all yourself. The Globelander team is here to help. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team. We are ready to give advice or take some things off your hands such as styling, photography, video, floor plans and more. We also offer you the opportunity to receive home styling tips via live video calls or can provide you with training for viewings.

Frequently asked questions

How do I determine the right selling price without a broker?

To determine the right asking price, it is important to look at similar homes in your area. In addition, a professional independent valuation helps determine the value of your home. After registering on Globelander, you will receive all information on determining the right asking price.

Can I sell my property worldwide?

On Globelander, you can offer your object for sale worldwide. It is also possible to offer an object in and from abroad.

How much money can I save if I sell my house without an estate agent?

Since you do not have to pay a brokerage commission, you can save thousands of euros in some cases.

Can I sell my house without a notary?

No, you cannot sell your house without a notary. The notary draws up the legal documents and takes care of the legal settlement and transfer of the property.

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