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The birth of this platform

What used to be ordinary is becoming ordinary again. Sell your house, business or plot of land yourself!

This platform was created by listening to personal stories of homeowners eager to sell their homes. But our own experience of buying and selling homes also played an important role in the creation of Globelander. By taking the sale into your own hands, you create enormous added value for both the potential buyer and yourself.

Negative experience creates positive growth

It used to be quite common to sell your house yourself. But nowadays, we completely outsource the sale of homes and real estate. This has caused people to start paying more and more in commissions over the years. And this while the quality of photos or the involvement of the estate agent is sometimes very far from it.

Paying real estate agent's commission is actually remarkable in itself. After all, the person in question is going to earn more because your house happens to be more beautiful, spacious or luxurious. In addition, you also often have to pay start-up costs at the beginning of the sales process. All in all, the owner of the house often loses a lot of money. Perhaps you have experienced it yourself. The person who wanted to sell your house was usually busy and often did not know all the information about the property. "My colleague took on the property so I don't know everything" is one of the major annoyances of owners who had just invested a lot to get their house sold. We are talking about entrusting your property, and often the most expensive asset, to someone else who sometimes doesn't even know the house and/or the area very well.

Potential buyers are also often faced with these issues. Sometimes they are not properly informed by the estate agent, or they hear the well-known 'unfortunately I don't know this' or 'I can't tell you this for sure' Also, it often happens that people have to wait days or weeks to schedule a viewing that then lasts 20 or 30 minutes at most. In addition, owners are often asked to leave the house during the viewing when they can provide the most information about the property and living environment!  

The ideal place to offer your property as well as find something new.

Potential buyers actually find it interesting and nice to get in touch with owners. After all, people are curious about who lived in the house and often have many personal and technical questions.

Hired house sellers are often hugely businesslike and aim to sell as quickly as possible and make as much money as possible. We see selling and/or buying a property not as a business sale or purchase, but as a personal change of ownership. In which love, sorrow, feelings and trust are major components with a corresponding value. The personal attention and information provided by homeowners is a huge asset for potential buyers. So why not try to sell your property yourself? Some people think they are making the wrong decision out of emotion. You do need to keep thinking clearly and sometimes stand your ground on things like the selling price. But homeowners can quickly master this.

On this platform, you will find numerous tips so that you, the owner, can quickly recognise the difference between private purchases and business purchases. You will also find all the knowledge you need to be well prepared to sell your house yourself. Without estate agent commissions. No fear or doubt, just create enormous added value (for you and the potential buyer)!

For private and corporate sales

Of course, when selling or buying commercial property or agricultural land, for example, everything is different. This platform is suitable not only for individuals looking to sell their beloved home, but also for corporate clients who are (re)buying property to grow financially or in business. For both parties, Globelander.com is an ideal place to offer your own property worldwide and look for something new.

Selling or buying a house involves major financial investments, often with borrowed money in the form of a mortgage. That is why it is important to give you enough time to think carefully, research, develop a feel, and ask any questions you have directly to the owner. This without any pressure from a seller.

Saving thousands of euros in costs

Getting in touch with owners through this platform is a natural, enjoyable and financially smart way of selling and buying as far as we are concerned. There are many positive and smart points to be made as to why selling yourself is just so smart. You can even save thousands of euros! After signing up on Globelander.com, you will get many easy tips on how to create and receive added value for your property, experience great meetings and sell your home in a pleasant and normal way.

After 5 years of receiving many compliments on this personalised approach and these few examples of encouraging words; "Surely everyone should know about this", "What a unique and super nice experience this was" and "Why don't you make this form of selling much bigger?" has led to this platform now being accessible to every owner worldwide. 

So no more thousands of euros in costs! It may cost you a bit more time and energy, but you can earn so much more and experience more fun. Above all, be surprised! Of course, you don't have to do it all by yourself. We are at your disposal in case of questions. Good luck and enjoy the sale or purchase of your home, property or real estate!

Kind regards,

Karin & Tom

Karin (Owner and developer)

Tom (web designer and developer)


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