Selling a house without an estate agent advantages

Are you considering selling your home without the involvement of a real estate agent? Selling yourself used to be quite normal; but even now, selling without a broker is gaining popularity again. Selling your property without a broker can bring several advantages, including saving thousands of euros in brokerage commission! On this page, you will find 6 "selling your house without a broker advantages".

Selling a house without an estate agent advantages

No brokerage commission to pay

One of the main "selling house without an estate agent advantages" is cost savings. Selling your property through an estate agent these days can be quite pricey. You sometimes pay thousands of euros in estate agent's commission. Not to mention the start-up costs. So you can spend a lot of money hiring an estate agent; but this is not necessary at all!

By handling the sale yourself, possibly with the help of external parties, you will save on estate agent fees and keep more money from selling your home. After all, you also know the most about your home, business or piece of land.

More control over sales

Selling your house yourself gives you more control over the sales process. You do and decide everything yourself, from taking photos to negotiating with potential buyers. This allows you to do the process completely at your own pace. You also decide who eventually buys your property and at what price; this can also be lower or just higher than the WOZ value. Of course, you can also outsource certain parts of the sales process. For instance, you can hire a photographer to take professional photos and/or have a stylist come by for styling. It is only wise to put your house up for sale when every room is actually ready.

A lot more peace and flexibility

An estate agent not only sells your house, but has many other clients. As a result, viewings cannot always be scheduled quickly. Besides, in some cases it leads to rushed viewings where the estate agent does not have all the time and knowledge to answer questions from potential buyers. You are more flexible than an estate agent and can schedule viewings at times that suit you best. This could be at the end of the afternoon, in the evening or at the weekend, for example.

It's fun and educational!

Selling a home without an estate agent not only makes more money, but it is also a valuable learning experience. You will learn (at Globelander) all kinds of things about decorating your home, being able to style and photograph it yourself, conducting viewings, negotiating with potential buyers and much more. Moreover, you can use this knowledge and experience again in the future, even if you choose to hire an estate agent for your next sale.

You have more knowledge about your home than anyone else

As an owner, you know your home and its surroundings best. You can personally show potential buyers around and tell them all about the property's unique features and benefits. This offers enormous added value and can increase the confidence of the potential buyer. In addition, it is entirely up to you who buys the property. Of course, it is nice to have nice people moving into your beloved home. Sellers on Globelander say that the personal contact with potential buyers is the most enjoyable and valuable part of selling a property yourself.

Set your own selling price

The last of our "sell house without a real estate agent advantages" is that you can decide the selling price of your property yourself. As the owner, you decide the selling price of the property yourself. You can always seek advice from a professional on the asking price, but ultimately you make the decision all by yourself. For example, you can also go below or above the WOZ value if you want to sell the property quickly or start with a slightly higher asking price. At Globelander, we also give advice on this.

Need help selling your home?

A selling a house without an estate agent offers many advantages. However, keep in mind that selling a house yourself does take more time. This is a concession you will have to make when you sell your house yourself. But of course, you also get a lot in return!

Frequently asked questions

How can I sell my house myself?
Globelander provides you with all the tools you need to sell your home, business space or land yourself. Check out all the necessary teaching materials and videos on Globelander and become your own estate agent, stylist and photographer without paying a lot of fees.
Can I do the viewings of my house myself?
You can very well do the viewings of your house yourself. After all, you know your home best. Make sure you have all the information at hand and talk enthusiastically about the house you have enjoyed living in all these years. Of course, outsourcing is also an option, but in that case you should give the person in question the necessary information and tips. Check out our house viewing tips here.
Can I sell my house without a notary?
It is possible to sell your house without an estate agent, but you always need a notary. A notary will take care of the deed of delivery and any mortgage deed. Abroad, a lawyer is also essential in some cases.

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