Selling a house without an estate agent step-by-step plan

It's no secret: more and more people are choosing to keep their sell house without an estate agent. Not only is this phenomenon becoming increasingly popular abroad, it is also happening more and more often in the Netherlands. And that is actually not at all surprising, because this way you can save thousands of euros in real estate agents' fees. But for this, you will have to put in a bit more energy yourself. That is why you will find a handy 'selling your house without an estate agent step-by-step plan' here.

From determining the asking price and taking professional photos to writing sales copy; this step-by-step plan will help you sell your property successfully.

Selling a house without an estate agent step-by-step plan

1. The preparation

You have probably heard it many times, but good preparation is half the battle. Especially when you are going to sell your house yourself. It may seem like a complicated process, but it is simpler than you may think. By pulling out your own purchase documents in advance, requesting required documents such as an energy label and perhaps an architectural inspection, you have already taken the first steps. You can also ask your solicitor for tips if any changes have taken place in the intervening period.

It is also important to start thinking about practical matters, such as minor repairs that still need to be done or overdue maintenance.

2. Setting the right asking price

Once you have collected all the important documents, it is time to determine the asking price of your property. This is one of the important decisions during a house sale without an estate agent; therefore, do plenty of research and think about it carefully.

Look at the asking price of other houses in the area and get a valuation report from an independent professional who specialises in valuations only. Since you are your own estate agent, you will of course determine the asking price of your property entirely yourself. Moreover, you can always adjust the price at a later date.

3. Styling, photography and a sales pitch

Good and smart styling is essential for selling your property. Don't go straight into taking photos and videos, but first make sure your property looks neat and spacious. Tidying up the space, making it empty and uncluttered are the key words. Get rid of as many personal items as possible, but too bare is often too boring. Tip: consider a hotel or holiday home.

When all rooms look neat, photos can be taken. With the right instructions, you can do this yourself just fine with your smartphone, but it is also an option to outsource it. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to take a video of their property. This gives an even better picture of the property and its surroundings.

And then there is the sales text. It is important that you describe everything about the property as clearly, but also as briefly and clearly as possible. This will prevent ambiguities and questions from potential buyers.

4. Advertising

You have taken professional photos and written inspiring sales copy; you are well on your way! Now it's time to advertise. We can also place your house on Funda with the help of our regular internet agent, however, it is not always possible to advertise your property in every country.

While you can advertise on Globelander worldwide, it is also useful to promote your home on social media. Think YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and, of course, we have many more advertising tips!

In addition, it is always useful to purchase an advertising poster or garden sign so that people in the neighbourhood know that your property is for sale. Globelander also offers this.

5. Schedule viewings

The promotion for your house has worked: there are a number of interested parties. These interested parties naturally want to schedule a viewing as soon as possible. Before the viewings take place, we advise you to prepare everything well. The phone call you will make to schedule an appointment is already important. Take the necessary time for this and ask some targeted questions to make sure these people are actually interested. Also ask if they have any questions beforehand.

In addition, it is good to think about all the things you want to talk about during the viewing, such as all the positive points of the house and its surroundings. Practical matters, such as things to take over and the desired date for handover, are also important to discuss.

6. Negotiate

An offer has been made, congratulations! Now the negotiating can begin. You can accept the offer immediately, but there are more options. Initially, it is important to think carefully about your decision. What offer is acceptable to you? And what is too low? You can reject a potential buyer's offer, but it is also possible to make a counter-offer.

Do you make a counter-offer? Then you are officially in negotiations and cannot respond to other parties or you must mention this to the interested party.

7. Settlement and sales contract

Once the negotiations have succeeded, it is time for the final step in the house selling without an estate agent roadmap: drawing up the purchase contract. A notary or lawyer will draw up the purchase contract with all the agreements. Once it is signed by both parties, the buyer has three more days of reflection time. After this reflection period, it is official: you have sold your house!

Before the key transfer at the notary, a final final inspection will take place to see if the property is left as agreed. After this, you and the buyer go to the notary to sign the deed of delivery. You hand over the keys and your house is sold without an estate agent!

Sell your home yourself (with help) on Globelander!

The above 'house selling roadmap' shows that selling a property without an estate agent is not at all as difficult as you think. Of course, you can use external parties to make the sale easier, and through the Globelander platform, you now at least know exactly what to look out for. 

Looking for more tips? After subscribing to Globelander, you will receive a comprehensive 'selling a house without a real estate agent step-by-step plan' in the form of teaching materials. Below is a condensed version of our comprehensive documents with examples and instructional videos. 


Frequently asked questions

What am I required to report when selling a house?

When selling a house without an estate agent, you are obliged to provide all important information, such as the building condition and any defects or shortcomings of the house. However, the specific rules depend on the laws in relevant country or region. Also consider legal issues, such as easements or property rights. If in doubt, you can always contact the notary from whom you bought your property.

Can I sell a house without a notary?

You can sell a house without an estate agent, but a property cannot be sold without a notary in most cases. So you should always use a notary when selling your property. If you are in doubt, a legal advisor can determine whether a notary is required for your property in your particular country or situation.

Can I sell my house under the WOZ value?

When you sell your house without an estate agent, you can determine the selling price yourself. So it is certainly possible to sell your house under the WOZ value. This can offer advantages in some cases, such as an accelerated sale.

Can I sell my house above the WOZ value?

Yes, you can sell your house above the WOZ value. Because you are going to sell your house yourself, you may and can determine the value entirely yourself. However, it is useful to know that anyone can request the WOZ value of your home from authorities. The value of your house depends on the market value in your area and, for example, what improvements you have made. 

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